Now that COVID19 restrictions are being eased cricket training will start for Senior Men with a morning session on Melbourne Cup day (3rd of Nov) before shifting to the clubs normal training times of Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Women will start on Monday the 2nd of November at 6pm.
There are a number of limitations placed on cricket training by the state government, the most onerous of these being that large groups will not be allowed to train together. As such training will be broken up into groups of approximately 10 and these groups will move around three stations during a training session. The individuals in each group will not interact with individuals from any other group for the training session and once their session has finished they will go home and not linger. The bar will not initially be open and there will be no BBQ's when training starts. Access to the clubrooms will be severely restricted so bring your own water bottle if you believe you will require a drink. 

To allow for the coaching panel to assign individuals to a group BEFORE training, MENS players will need to register which training sessions they WILL be attending and their preference for a start time for their session. WOMEN will not be required to do this and will be assigned into groups by Derek Dewey and the two captains. Men's players can register here.

Groups will be assigned for two week blocks and will be published on the Monday morning at the start of that two week block.

Given the strict restrictions the government and Cricket Vitoria have put in place if you haven't registered for a training session via the link AND been assigned a group, you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND TRAINING

Cricket is a Privilege not a Right in a pandemic so YPCC expects everyone to comply with the rules that have been placed on all of us to get a cricket season started.

Any questions don't hesitate to contact Men's Head Coach David Heddle (0400 329 447), Women's Head Coach Derek Dewey (0427 067 440) or Chairman of Selectors Andrew Phillips (0402 970 737)


Tuesdays and Thursdays training is held at our home ground during the season (find Ryder Oval). Training attire includes white cricket shirt or YPCC training shirt, blue shorts and white socks.